Return Plus for Enhanced Flowback

Return Plus for Enhanced Flowback

Binder’s Return Plus (RTN PLS) series of products utilize microemulsion packages that have been proven to maintain and improve the permeability of reservoir formations while increasing flowback efficiency.  RTN PLS products push frac fluids further and prevent water and water degredated shale debris from blocking the channels of production - improving initial and long-term hydrocarbon productivity.

Return Plus Products:

RTN PLS X-10 - Shale Gas Formations
RTN PLS X-15 - Oil Formations
RTN PLS X-16 - Hybrid for Oil or Gas Formations (In Development)

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Guar Slurry


Features & Benefits:

Shale Stability - inhibits water absorption by the most sensitive of shales, helping to maintain structural integrity while providing more efficient application of frac fluid and pressure.

Non-Foaming - a built-in anti-foaming/de-emulsifying agent is included in the blend, preventing flow inefficiencies.

Low Surface Tension - improves dynamic flow of frac fluid, allowing for better penetration of tight formations.

Improve Pressure Efficiency - put pressure where it's needed and increase the “reach” of frac fluids into reservoirs. 

Improve Conductivity - create clean, unobstructed fractures that produce more, faster.

Speed Cleanup - decrease cleanup time and production costs with faster flowback recovery.

Increase Polymer Recovery - polymers aren’t left behind with faster, more efficient flowback through cleaner formation channels.

Flowback Test Equipment

Flowback Test Equipment