is an environmentally friendly lubricant designed for use in Heavy Duty Rock Drilling.  Composed of FDA “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) approved materials, Hammer Lube is superior to other lubricants in lubricity as well as its natural ability to disperse in water without separation, providing thorough, effective lubrication to the entire drilling system - including all equipment, cuttings, and the wellbore.    

Additional Features and Benefits Include:

Corrosion Protection - Hammer Lube aggressively attaches itself to all equipment surfaces, providing a layer of protection against corrosion when above and below the surface.

Wellbore Stabilization - Hammer Lube is a natural shale stabalizer, inhibiting the most difficult of shales from absorbing water and breaking apart from the wellbore.

Foaming & Breaking - Hammer Lube will foam to carry cuttings to the surface where it will break quickly and easily.

Environmentally Friendly - Composed of FDA “GRAS” approved materials to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment.