Binder's MAXIM System

Binder's MAXIM System

Binder's MAXIM System is the industry's first non-synthetic, environmentally friendly drilling fluid system that provides the benefits of water-based and oil-based drilling systems, but without the cost and complexity.   

The Maxim drilling system is a hybrid that lies on the continuum between traditional invert oil based muds (OBM’s) and dispersed water based muds (WBM’s).  It is simple to run - it is very accommodating to the varied issues that are encountered downhole.  It also can follow the path of OBM’s in that it can be taken back, stored and re-used if it contains barite and other expensive ingredients.  Also, intense shearing is not required to make sub-micron droplets, meaning less capital requirement for manufacture.


ECO-FRIENDLY - The Maxim system can be made “chloride free” using formates.  It's primary ingredients are “GRAS” green.  Therefore, the cuttings can be buried or better, used to build a new location and/or lease road.  This feature brings the cost advantages to the forefront.  If desired, the Maxim cuttings can be washed to a 99+ percent removal of drilling fluid with water – no surfactant or ashing required. 

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DENSITY CONTROL - The Maxim system can operate with barite as the weighting agent or use brine fluids including formates, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and bromides (including zinc bromide).  

RHEOLOGY CONTROL - There is a great deal of flexibility with respect to rheology, as the YP can be increased without seeing a commensurate increase to the PV.   Further, the lubricant is a component of viscous sweeps and this feature furthers the efficiency of the chemical usage.

FLUID LOSS - By itself the Maxim system has very low fluid loss, as it forms a very tight filter cake that routinely produces API fluid losses below 5 ml.  With the use of PAK the fluid losses can be reduced below 2 ml.

SHALE STABILIZATION - The lubricant, per se, is a very good shale stabilizer.  Nevertheless, Binder has added several other stabilizers to this product to further enhance the shale stability.  Drilling through the most water sensitive shales has not been a problem.  This good stability advantage is also a plus with the low gravity solids – they are not made smaller by chemical degradation.

MAXIM Lubricants (left) vs Competitor (right) - MAXIM's lubricants disperse in water, allowing it to thoroughly and effectively lubricate the entire drilling system.

LUBRICITY - It is well known that many of the issues encountered downhole can be overcome with a WBM, but without the lubricity of an OBM.  This issue has been addressed with the Maxim system.  Using PDS Super L and/or TNB 100 lubricants, MAXIM achieves better lubricity than WBM and OBM.   to disperse in water ensures thorough and efficient lubrication of the entire drilling system.  

CORROSION INHIBITION- Like an OBM, the issue of corrosion is non-existent

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