TNB 100 Lubricant for Drilling & Coiled Tubing    

TNB 100
Lubricant for Drilling & Coiled Tubing 


TNB 100 contains nano-sized “beads” that are coated with Binder's other lubricant, PDS Super L.  When encountering high-friction conditions or difficult situations, such as sliding or workover operations, the nano’s small stature provides the benefits that beads typically do, but the measure of those benefits are magnified significantly through its ability to work its way into smaller and tighter spaces.

Binder will customize PDS Super L to each application for optimal performance and efficiency.  TNB 100 is also a key component of the MAXIM System, providing not only lubricity and efficiency, but also compatibility for use with the broad range of ingredients & additives.  Contact Binder to learn more...

LUBRICITY - Extremely low Coefficients of Friction for improved ROP and performance (see tables below) .

CARRYING CAPACITY - Higher concentrations of TNB 100 will lift cuttings in the lateral, thoroughly cleaning the wellbore of debris and cuttings. 

VISCOELASTICITY - Excellent lift capacity under static conditions, but shears and flows easily.

ENCAPSULATION - Corrosion inhibitors, biocides, and scale inhibitors can be encapsulated by the nanos. (Its PDS Super L coating is an excellent corrosion inhibitor)

DISPERSION - TNB 100 will disperse throughout a water-based system without separation, providing thorough lubrication of the system.   

 ECO-FRIENDLY - the primary components of PDS Super L are FDA "GRAS" approved, helping to sustain the local environment and mitigate disposal costs.


Sweep on the Shaker

Sweep on the Shaker

TNB 100 in Water

TNB 100 vs Competitors